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Theatrical Teamsters Local 817

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Our Teamster drivers work in all

areas of the Entertainment Industry, including Movies & Television, Theater, Commercials, and Live Events

New York based Casting Directors and Associates represent work on a variety of projects for Film and Television 

Commercial Locations
We represent Location Managers and Location Scouts on Commercials.
TV/TH Locations
Assistant Location Managers,  Location Coordinators, Location Assistants, and Location Scouts on Movies and Television.


For more than a century, The Teamsters Union has helped millions of workers achieve the American Dream. Our success is a testament to those who came before us, who stood together to form a union and a labor movement. These workers fought for the rights and privileges that today most Americans take for granted. Without the solidarity of unions, there would be no weekends, no pensions and no health insurance. The best way to celebrate Teamster history is to highlight the actions and events that improved working and living standards for American families and communities.

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Local 817 News




        Dear Brothers & Sisters,     



      It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Terry Casaletta. Terry first came to Local 817 in February 2006 on the eve of organizing the casting directors and associates. She then helped to shepherd the local union through a period of unprecedented growth, in which commercial location managers and scouts were organized and culminated with the induction of nearly five hundred location workers in television and feature film. Her passion and unrelenting advocacy for those she represents is a gift that will not soon be forgotten.


     Dan Welch has been hired as a business agent to represent locations and casting. Dan helped spearhead the organizing of locations in TV & Film and brings great leadership skills to the job.


     Terry will stay on through August to assist Dan in his acclimation to his new position. We wish Terry the best in her retirement. She will forever be a part of the 817 family.






On February 8, 2018 effective immediately there is a new policy at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theater. When reporting for work at these venues you must bring your original personal documents i.g., your social Security Card, Driver's License or a valid passport, in order for payroll to be processed.


Donate now to support this Teamster family

Eber Garcia Vasquez, a 26-year Teamster member, was suddenly and unexpectedly, deported last week. His family of eight (all of whom are US Citizens) has now lost their primary breadwinner. Without Eber, and the livelihood he provided through his job, they are at risk of losing their home, health care and access to education.

When Eber was deported he and his wife were 15 years into a 30 year mortgage for their home, a home which is now at risk.

When Eber was deported his wife was wheelchair bound and in the process of paying soaring medical bills from a recent car crash, medical bills that can plunge her into debt.

When Eber was deported he was paying for his daughter’s college tuition, which is now at risk.

Like any ordinary American family, Eber’s family has expenses just simply to live. Eber’s family lost their father, but they haven’t lost their community or their union.

Please donate today to help support the Garcia Vasquez family until Eber can return to the US.


Eber originally came to the U.S. from Guatemala fleeing civil war and violence. For 26 years, he has been a member of Teamsters 813, serving as a private sanitation worker in New York. In fact, he has been employed for 26 years at the same private sanitation company.

Eber was detained by ICE agents during a routine appointment he had made annually with ICE to check in and extend his stay of deportation. Within less than 2 weeks of Eber’s detention, he was transferred from detention in New Jersey, placed on an airplane in Louisiana and was flown to Guatemala, a country he fled for his life almost 30 years ago.

Eber has a path to becoming a Legal Permanent Resident – in fact, he was only a year away from getting his Green Card (legal permanent resident card) when ICE deported him. His attorney, the Teamsters Union, his elected officials and the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights are doing everything they can to expedite Eber’s application, bring him back from Guatemala, and reunite him with his family in the only country he calls home – the United States of America.

Together we can reach this goal!


     The Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund is a charitable 501(c)3 developed in 1991 to assist Teamster members who have suffered a loss from a disaster long after the media has forgotten. The fund receives donations from local unions and their affiliates and is currently developing a fundraising plan to support our efforts in providing relief when disaster strikes.


    Through these programs, the Teamsters provide needed relief and outreach to our members.

The Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund needs your help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma that recently devastated parts of southern U.S.


     The fund, specifically designed to assist members who have suffered a loss in natural disasters depends on the donations from our local unions and other affiliates.



 Donation checks may be sent to:

Disaster Relief Fund
c/o International Brotherhood of Teamsters
25 Louisiana Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001

     You can also donate online by clicking the link below. A number of our brothers and sisters really need your help and support right now. Your tax-deductible donations WILL make a difference in the lives of a Teamster family. Please give generously!

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